Apr 1, 2010

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Welcome to the new SpoilBianca.com

Welcome to the new SpoilBianca.com

Yay, so My website is basically finished. I know you dorks have been waiting SOOO long for it to finally be up! Now, I just have to fill it with stuff to weaken you up and take advantage of you. That will take some time, and I’d rather not wait until it’s all full before making My site available.

So, until further notice I’ll be taking requests for new blog post topics. Kind of like a Q and A session with a Perfect Princess. Is there something you’re dying to know about Me that I haven’t posted elsewhere? Do you want to know what I think about a particular fetish or topic? Is there a feature that you think would be perfect for My new website? Then send Me a mail via NiteFlirt or comment on this blog post. Also, I’ll entertain ideas for new recordings. I really need to get more of them up here for you losers to buy buy buy and use as worshiping material to fall even more in love with Me. :] Suggestions should be geared toward taking advantage of losers and of course, the end result is always your money making its way into My account.

All right, so that’s basically it.  The pages listed at the very top of My site (About, Calls & Billing, Spoil Me and Pics, Games & Recordings) are completed, for now. Everything is really a work in progress to best take advantage of you so I’m sure things will be added as time goes on.

And don’t forget, the quickest way to get My attention is to tribute and/or call Me via NiteFlirt.

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