May 12, 2010

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Finally back from My trip…

Finally back from My trip…

Just a quick note that I’m back from My trip to Portland, apartment hunting and the such. I only planned on being gone a few days, but a few days turned into over two weeks. I love Portland, and even after a couple weeks I wasn’t too happy leaving. I did some MAJOR shopping, of course. A ton of cute dresses and cute shoes. For some reason I just can not see a cute dress or pair of shoes and say no to them when they ask if they can come home with Me. :] My wardrobe has increased by at least 10%, and that’s not minor, trust Me.

Apartment hunting went fairly well. I don’t have a place secured yet but plan to soon. I didn’t take the whole apartment hunting thing serious until the last minute. I was far too busy enjoying myself and exploring the city.  I did put a few applications in at some very sexy boutique apartment buildings but nothing is concrete yet. Though I can easily imagine filling up a few of them with My lovely belongings and sexy wardrobe (OMG, one has a closet just for My shoes).

So, task for all you losers out there…I basically spent My new apartment fund shopping and entertaining Myself while I was on My mini-vacation. You dorks need to replenish it and make My move stress free. So, time for a spending opportunity with perks. Here’s how it works…

Tribute via NF over $50 and I’ll reward you.
You have two reward options:
1. Three photos personally picked out for you by Me.
If I don’t already know, let Me know what drives you crazy and I’ll attempt to accommodate.
2. A personalized custom recording.
Let Me know a topic you love to jerk it to and I’ll make a [5 minute or less] custom recording for you.
Once you’ve sent your tribute send Me a NF mail with your choice of reward and any details.

It’s really simple, and you’d be retarded not to tribute with these perks. I rarely do this, so seize the opportunity.

Okay, now, for My schedule so you can wait on pins and needles (and massive cocks) for when you can talk to Me next. I’m going to be logged in overnight tonight. So, you can try Me, and if I’m awake you’ll get to talk to Me (lucky you!). Wednesday/Thursday/Friday I’ll be off and on. I’ll try to be around as much as possible, but if I’m not around when you’re wanting to call or chat then just drop Me a NF mail or whatever. Contact Me how you normally do. If there’s no normal, NF will work for you. Saturday, I’ll either be on sporadically just like Wed/Thur/Fri or I’ll be around all day. We’ll see. I’ll tweet an update if I’ll be on all day. So, that’s the next few days. I anticipate that I’ll be around a ton next week. So if you don’t catch Me this week do it next. I’ve been in an incredibly greedy mood and will gladly torture your credit cards while I giggle at you.

And now for some eye candy, you know, to entice you to spend. ;]

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