Apr 12, 2010

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-12

  • Status Update: I'll be around all evening taking calls. Likely until well into the night/early morning. On a mission to make piles of cash! #
  • Also, on a major shoe fetish kick with the warmer weather on it's way. Have a foot/shoe fetish? Financial domination or spoiled brat fetish? #
  • Ask Me what shoes I want you to buy Me. It'll instantly give you major bonus points. #
  1. i’m so curious to know what kind of shoes do You like Princess
    i bet high-heeled ultra sexy ones…or at least that’s what i dream Your wonderfull feet wearing
    have a great day Princess

  2. I love a lot of different kinds of shoes. Usually, My absolute favorite is tall platforms with open toes. Always sexy, of course. I have an entire wishlist dedicated to shoes I want right over there to the right in the sidebar. Check it out, and if you want to be really good, buy a pair or 10. :]

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