Spoil Me

If you truly want to show Me how much you worship Me and are devoted to Me you will spoil Me at every opportunity. Do not wait to be told to tribute Me or buy Me something. Take the initiative to really impress Me. Trust Me, it pays off.

Below are buttons to send Me cash tributes using NiteFlirt as well as a list of links to buy Me e-gift cards. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping online and an often doing it while I talk to you losers on the phone and online. So, e-gift cards are perfect! Also, over there to the bottom right in the side bar, are widgets featuring My recent additions to My Amazon wishlists. Get to shopping, now!

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E-Gift Certificates

I adore shopping online and you dorks should be honored to pay for it!
Send all e-gift cards to: PerfectItalianPrincess@gmail.com

(in no particular order)
Victoria’s Secret
Neiman Marcus
Charlotte Russe
American Eagle