Jun 11, 2010

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Captioned Ass Worship Photo Set; Buy Now!

Captioned Ass Worship Photo Set; Buy Now!

I just added a new PTV for your purchasing pleasure. It’s amazing. Probably My favorite PTV photo set yet. It’s five LARGE photos of My Perfect Princess Ass in all it’s glory with sequential captions added to each photo. It’s amazing. I demand that you worship My ass in the set, so get started. You can buy the set here…

Also, I’ve added a bunch of stuff to My wishlists; both My general wishlist and shoe wishlist. It’s all stuff I absolutely MUST have, so get to buying from it. I’m going to be rewarded those who take the initiative to ask Me what I need for My new fabulous apartment and take care of purchasing it for Me or send a tribute for Me to purchase it locally. There’s a ton I’m going to need and you dorks need to take care of paying for it.

I’ll be around a ton through Wednesday with the exception of either this Friday or Saturday night; I’m going out with girlfriends before I move. After Wednesday I can’t make any promises as to when I’ll be available for live calls. I’ll be busy moving at least through Thursday evening. Then it’s My first weekend with My new, gorgeous apartment so I’m sure I’ll be busy. I will definitely entertain the thought of doing ignore calls while I’m out if you let Me know you want that before next weekend.

Enjoy the new photo set!

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