Calls & Billing

Ready to start the cash flow from your account to Mine while I giggle at you? Good, and the best part is — it’s super easy to do!

I use the NiteFlirt* platform to connect My calls and bill you.  There are two options for placing calls:

1. You can call Me by dialing 1-800-TO-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478). Choose option 3 and enter My extension: 01901658.

2. Or, you click My call button and have the NiteFlirt system call you to connect our call. You will be asked a few questions to verify you want to place the call and then the system will call you, and then Me.
Call Button

I have several different listings on NiteFlirt. The methods above connect you to My primary listing in the BDSM > Mistresses category. If you’d like you view My other listings as well as see My NiteFlirt profile you can do so by clicking here.

*The NiteFlirt platform is VERY easy to use. It’s a double blind billing and phone system — meaning your privacy is completely protected and so is Mine. It never shows Me any of your personal information, phone number, or credit card info. When you call either My extension or use My click-to-call button you will ONLY ever be connected with Me. No one else ever answers My extensions. Also, while you’re connected on the phone with Me, if you run out of money, the system lets you easily add to your account without disconnecting the call. Adding money is just a few button presses and then you’re automatically reconnected with Me.

If you’d like to read more about NiteFlirt (and I advise you inform yourself) you can read their Registering Info, Member Agreement, Privacy Policy and Help Section on their website.