About Perfect Bianca

About Perfect Bianca

Let’s set things straight right now: I am Perfect. I am a Princess. And you will spoil Me. There is no other reason for Me to be here, allowing grossly pathetic losers like you to talk to perfect little Me, than to let you give me your money. That’s right, you will give Me your money. Unlike other girls here, I am not going to waste My precious energy begging for your money. You are simply going to give it to Me. I will not ask. I’m above asking. And quite frankly, if I have to ask, you are not worth My time.

Why do I think you will be so willing to transfer money from your account to My account? Well, not that you deserve an explanation, but it’s a simple answer, so I’ll waste My time filling you in on the facts of life. The world is full of pathetic dumbasses like you. But, the great thing about losers is they typically are very good at one thing; working hard to pay to jerk off. Do you consider yourself a dependable employee, making it to work on time every morning, and working diligently for your income? Do you then find yourself coming home, promptly setting your pathetic ass in front of your computer, surfing adult sites, stroking that disgusting dick of yours? Of course you do, because we both know that you don’t go on dates. That you are the only one that ever touches that pitiful thing between your legs. We also both know that all that hard work you put in for your (soon to be My) paycheck is frequently spent on your jerk off habits. Much of your time is spent searching the internet letting your useless dick waste your paycheck. No more. That paycheck is Mine, and it will no longer be wasted. It will be put to the best possible use. Entertaining Me and making Me happy.

You see, it is an obvious decision. In your feeble attempt to compensate for the lack of female attention to your worthless dick you’ve wasted far too much money. Any amount is too much, though I’m sure you’ve spent an embarrassing portion of your income on sub par jerk off material. But no need to fret, Princess Bianca to the rescue, bringing the masses something finally worth spending your jerk off allowance on. And I think it’s time for a raise. Nothing is more worthy of your paycheck, your lines of credit, your savings, your indebtedness than spoiling Me, by making Me happy. Let’s be honest here, there’s no one hotter, more perfect, more deserving of being spoiled.

Things I enjoy: your cash, your credit cards, gifts and more gifts. Pimping the proud, exploiting the deviants, prettifying the ugly. And of course, sitting on My pretty little ass while you pay to entertain Me. Nothing makes me more excited than a bank account full of cash and a mail box full of gifts. I don’t discriminate. I enjoy spending the cash of both the rich and the poor, the tall and the short, the black and the white, the ugly and the attractive. Cash is cash, and all cash should be Mine. Not yours, Mine. Now make it happen.

Bianca Feet, Laptop, Phone and Credit Card

Name: Bianca de Costa

Age: Early 20’s

Birthday: December 20th

Height: 5′2″

Body: I keep Myself fit and tan at ALL times. I have DDD fake tits that I love (and so do you) and an AMAZING round ass. I have My belly button pierced on both the top and bottom, no tattoos. I have the cutest face with big brown eyes and full lips, but you’ll probably never see it. ;]

Hair: Long, Straight and Almost Black

Eyes: Brown

Marital Status: Single, Never Married and No “Significant” Other

Location: Portland, Oregon

Favorite Colors: Purple, Pink and Light Blue

Favorite Food: Italian, of course. And also seafood.

Favorite Drink: Depends on the time of day. :] I LOVE a good soy chai latte in the morning. Soft red wine while home alone in the evenings. Flavored martinis (especially fresh squeezed grapefruit) while out and about. And a good, spicy bloody mary with pickled asparagus to cure a hangover.

Turn Ons: Strong shoulders, confidence, a nice tan. I like dark hair and eyes. Intelligent, creative guys with a cocky streak and a thick cock drive Me crazy!

Turn Offs: Bad teeth and bad breath. Cigarette smokers. Laziness, lots of body hair. Stinky guys and bad feet. The list goes on and on, but mostly…you! The only way you can turn Me on is by filling up My bank account. ;]

Fetishes: I love playing around with tons of fetishes (as long as the end result is cash in My account) but there are fetishes that actually get Me wet. I LOVE the smell of brand new shoes, in their cute little shoe boxes delivered to My door step. Large, consecutive cash payments can, no lie, get Me dripping wet. And yeah, I’m definitely a size Queen.